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Impact Investing is a new and exciting way investors around the globe are investing to deliver both social impact and financial returns. The market in Nigeria is fast growing, yet, still at its infancy. Our focus is to accelerate its growth, remove barriers and build the early market infrastructure to foster social and economic development and deliver prosperity for all.

The Nigeria National Advisory Board for Impact Investing has a three tiered structure – comprising a 15-member board, a second tier consisting of four working groups: The supply of capital, demand for capital, Intermediaries and policy working groups and the NAB Secretariat, the Impact Investors’ Foundation.

Defining the National Advisory Board for Impact Investment

Despite the title ‘board’, the NAB is not a corporate board because they have no shareholders and no direct authority for management of actors in the field. Unlike other advisory boards because the NAB is action oriented. The advisory board has some similarities with representative associations and industry bodies but show a greater orientation to foresight for what will be needed next to catalyse the Nigerian market.

The Role of the NAB

The role of the NAB is to create a proactive and trusted ‘go to’ presence in the market that:

Raises awareness of impact investing across a broad range of constituents;

Identifies opportunities to drive toward critical mass of activity, talent, practice exchange, supportive policy and infrastructure for impact investing;

Creates a proactive, catalytic platform for influence and action that focuses on developing the overall effectiveness and performance of the field;

Engages with and is accountable to the collective of people and organisations making up the field– investors, foundations, entrepreneurs, service delivery organisations, intermediaries, 


A dynamic ecosystem for impact investment in Nigeria that delivers measurable and improved outcomes at scale for society, the environment, and the economy while increasing equitable access to capital.



To catalyze and promote a dynamic ecosystem for impact investing in Nigeria by

  • Increasing the demand for impact capital by investment-ready MSMEs and Social Organisations through capacity building programmes
  • Increasing and deepening  the supply of impact capital for investments in MSMEs and Social Organizations
  • Promoting impact investing regulatory and policy framework in government
    and public offices
  • Promoting the number & effectiveness of  intermediaries to facilitate access to impact capital

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